Jail Break!

   I walked up my hollow to check on my chicks Sunday afternoon only to find that they had broken loose!  The brick holding the bottom of their temporary wire door closed had fallen away, and all 11 chicks were having a grand old time scratching in leaves and eating vegetation and ants.  Around 8:00, they all wandered back to their run for the final hour before bed.  They did so well that I let them out for an hour before dusk again this evening.   (They will eventually be mostly free-ranged, but they are too little and vulnerable yet.)

   Talli, my dog, also did very well.  We had to remind her not to “chase” (slowly follow) chickens or get too excited, but she is coping with them being outside very well.  Today there was a big showdown between the gray and multi-colored EE roos, and that was a bit tough for her, but she is learning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

   Note that their run is not complete.  Stronger wire will cover the bottom of the chicken wire.  Speaking of progress, the new 8×8 coop construction will begin – and hopefully end – this weekend!  All fingers crossed for an awesome coop!


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