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Day 7 Candling

   Well, you may be aware that today is not actually Day 7 but is, in fact, Day 12.  I’ll be doing my final candling this Saturday on Day 14, but you are due an update!

   I did my initial candling on Day 7, last Saturday.  As you can see from my spreadsheet, I think I have about 10 out of 16 eggs developing, three of the eight Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas and seven of the eight Silvers.  Four eggs were “clears” and showed no development and two had “blood rings” which indicate a short period of development before quitting.  Of the remaining ten, I am a bit unsure about several.  Some had unusual clam-like shapes which I did not see during my first incubation, and some seemed to have loose contents.  I have no idea what this means, but I guess I will find out!

   In addition to candling, I also weighed each egg.  Eggs are supposed to lose 11 to 15% of their weight in water between set and hatch, over the course of 21 days.  Therefore, they should have lost 3.6-5% by Day 7.  With my humidity averaging a steady 35%, my eggs lost an average of 6.4% of their weight, ranging from 3.77% to 11.66% in one clear egg.  Yikes!  So, I added a shot glass of water and my humidity has been about 38-42% for the past few days.  I hope this helps.  We’ll find out on Saturday!


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