Scratch French Toast

   I’m on vacation from work, and I woke up this morning with a craving for a sweet, filling breakfast.  I decided to make French toast with the slightly spicy, moist squash oatmeal bread I made last night (see the previous post.)

   French toast is definitely a treat and can even be served as a dessert. (Just picture warm French toast with melting vanilla ice cream.  Decadent. [By the way, did you know that word comes from the verb “to decay,” as in indicating moral decay?  A shame, really.])  But, with whole wheat, oatmeal, and squash soaked in egg, I have decided to consider this French toast a healthy breakfast.  Okay, it’s a stretch.

  Anyway, the key to French toast, in my opinion, is the egg mixture that you soak the bread in, the royale (that’s what Emeril Lagasse calls it.)  I like to use milk or cream, cinnamon, and vanilla extract (my husband’s valuable addition to the recipe.)  This morning, I made two three-slice servings, so I cracked two eggs into a shallow bowl and added about a teaspoon of vanilla, a tablespoon of cream, and three shakes of cinnamon.  I mixed everything up with a fork and dipped my slices, soaking each side for ten or more seconds (I was on the phone, so some took a longer bath than others.) 

  Then, the soaked slices took turns in a non-stick skillet (I try to only use nonstick when dealing with eggs) on medium.  I flipped when the egg oozing around the bottom looked slightly browned.  Then, butter, maple syrup (the real stuff – if you are having all of that sugar anyway, better make it count!), and, voilá!, deliciousness!

   This squash bread is particularly suited to becoming French toast because it already has some spice.  Egg breads, like Challah, are also particularly delicious.  I’ll be putting up a recipe for Challah soon.

Scratch Squash-Oatmeal French Toast

½ loaf of Scratch Squash-Oatmeal Bread; 2 eggs; 1 t. vanilla extract, 1 T. heavy whipping cream (or milk); ¼ t. cinnamon; butter; maple syrup

Slice six half-inch slices of bread.  Mix eggs, vanilla, cream, and cinnamon in a shallow bowl with a fork.  Soak each slice in the egg mixture for about ten seconds per side.  Melt a pad of butter in a skillet over medium and add soaked slices of bread.  Cook both sides until medium brown.  Remove to a plate and serve with butter and maple syrup.


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